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PPL(H) Cost Breakdown

Per Hour
55 hrs
Airfield Fees


Per Hour:

Costs based on training rates at Shoreham in January 2015

55 Hours:

Some PPL students may complete the course in the minimum of 45 hours. However, the vast majority will not (and as mentioned earlier this is no bad thing). Many students take a period of over 12 months to work through the flight exercises and ground school in preparation for their PPL(H). It is not unrealistic to assume that some exercises will need refreshing thus extending the number of hours required. It is HeliFly's opinion that 55 hours is a realistic figure for a motivated individual of reasonable ability.

Airfield Fees:

This figure is based in 60 landing fees and 20 airfield sorties. (Please note: Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport charge both a landing fee and an airfield sortie fee when training helicopters fly circuits or utilise an area of the airfield.)


Figure based on published exam rate plus the instructor's standard hourly rate for an hour. (Your instructor acts as the invigilator and also marks the exam at most schools. You will normally be charged for their time.)


Most students will purchase a "starter pack" containing all the materials required for the course plus a 1:250,000 chart of their local area. This price is the typical cost through an organisation such as Transair.


As explained on the medical questions page, an Aeromedical Examiner sets their own rates. The figure shown here is representative of charges for an initial Class 2 examination.


The typical fee for a PPL(H) examination (2015).


The fee charged by the CAA for the issue of your PPL(H) licence and radio licence.


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